Vehicle Connector ZIBIS


The new vehicle connector ZIBIS combines the previously separated areas of mobile sales solutions with the on-board computer functionality of permanently installed systems.

For mobile solutions in the vehicles, the control of external and internal displays, ticket validators, TFT monitors, passenger counting systems etc. has not been possible in recent years. For this reason ZIBIS was developed. With ZIBIS, it is now possible to control the entire vehicle periphery via Bluetooth or WLAN via mobile solutions such as tablets and / or smartphones with the corresponding software.


ZIBIS has much more functionalities than just controlling the IBIS devices, such as CAN bus, gyro sensors, door / tachometer signal, ELA control / integration, digital tacho, emergency call and assault call.

If you are interested in our mobile solutions and/ or our vehicle connector ZIBIS, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to show you the various possible applications in a personal appointment.

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