Ticket printer & onboard computer software

The sales and onboard computer applications can be adapted to the needs of various customers and ensure that the system is user-friendly. Depending on the requirements and the locations where the system is deployed, be these in advance booking, in a vehicle, as onboard computer or as a pure sales system. Zelisko optimises the applications for you taking ergonomic aspects of the software into consideration.

For independent editing of ticket layouts or user screens, Zelisko provides comfortable and modern editors.


An example of an onboard computer application with target/actual comparison, a phone function, text messages as well as additionally possible navigation.


An example of a navigation solution.


Duty schedule with details imported from the schedule management system.


An example of sales screen with direct and start-destination-sales.


Multi-language sales applications with direct selection keys, switching to the transport association tariff and sightseeing products of the transportation company.


Sales applications with quick selection keys, switching function to the onboard computer and data transmission via WLAN.

Traffic Management Systems

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