Ticket Printer & On-board computer FSD6


The requirements for ticket printer rise from day to day. The transportation authorities are selling even more complex tariffs. The transportation companies need a faster return on investment. The technicians need more connectivity for their periphery. The staff requires a ticket printer which can be operated in an easy and intuitive way. The passengers want at every time and at every site actual data about the status of the busses.

To satisfy this and for further requirements Zelisko has developed a new state of the art ticket printer together with customers and users.


• Multi-core CPU – more processing power

• Operating system Windows® Embedded Compact 7

• Capacitive touch display / gesture control

• “Home”-Button – the function can be programmed via software

• LTE – mobil communication standard of the last generation


• Possibility of swiveling the touch display in all direction – ideal individual adjustment

• Compact dimensions – better way of installation and prevention of field of view interference

• 86mm print width, 200 mm/s high speed


• 2 SIM-cards – dual modem technology

• Electromechanically locked printer cover

• 1D and 2D barcode scanner

• Integrated hands-free phone system


• Integrated VDV-KA reader

• Graphic passenger display (color TFT, resolution: 320x240)

• USB-port at the display (ca be switched on/off)

• Usable for advance sale with power adaptor (no cash register functionality)

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