Zelisko provides a number of editors and tools:

These range from the maintenance tool at the FSD5 for the service technician to editors for preparing ticket layouts, user screens, LSA indicators right up to the web ITCS, the “control centre while in transit” and the integrated test & training simulator.

The comprehensive editors enable the clients of Zelisko systems to create almost all tariffs, tickets and user screens and also to act independently in case of any adjustments required at a short notice.

Tariff editor

With the help of this software module you are in a position to edit prices and data pertaining to tariffs and routes.

Ticket Designer

Different information can be printed on the ticket with the help of the ticket designer. Zelisko provides the basic layouts to you. Based on these, you can redesign existing tickets or create new ones easily using the ticket designer.

Software Touch Designer

The input screen and control elements can be programmed using the touch-screen designer. After being trained on its use, you can operate it easily and create your own user sequences


Traffic Light Editor

By using this software you can reproduce the entire route network with all the traffic signal crossings. The traffic signals are entered with the R09.xx telegrams to be used and with the help of the associated check-in and check-out points. With one click of the mouse the check-in and check-out points can be shifted on the route path. An appropriate metre scale is indicated up to the traffic signal crossings.


Maintenance tool

Every FSD5/FSD5plus onboard computer/ticket printer can be switched to maintenance mode by a service technician. This mode provides many test and service functions.

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