Device management



The new Zelisko device data management tool is a modul of the backoffice solution ZMS. It enables a detailed monitoring and supervision of all devices and components being in action.

Devices could be for example:

• FSD4/5/5plus/6

• FSDmobile

• Intelligent mounting plate

• IBIS-devices

Every device is exactly matched to device type and device location.


You can optionally match one or more hardware and software components per device type.

Components could be for example:

• Mainboard

• SIM-Karte SIM-card

• Version

o of sales application

o of third-party software component

o of general data, schedule data etc.

Every component is matched to a specific device and has a unique identification number.



Updates for your front ends will be easily controlled in the future according you actual needs.

Each update file will be imported to the device data management tool. There it could be activated for one or more device types.


Monitoring and supervision

The actual status of single devices will be clearly displayed in the device overview. So you can see at a glance which devices haven’t loaded the actual software version. This gives you the possibility to interfere.

The details of a device could be found in the device inventory list. The details are divided into hardware and software-components. For the hardware components the function readiness of each part can be checked. A problem will be quickly identified and further steps could be initiated e.g. replacement.

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