Backoffice Solution ZMS

The ZMS back office solution is a multi-user system, with a modern client server architecture. It forms a system solution together with the Zelisko sales systems. ZMS is available in a variety of licence models.

ZMS Basic

In combination with the Zelisko distribution systems it is a complete system solution.

ZMS Professional

This is designed for medium and big transportation companies having complex requirements and the option of users being able to carry out almost all adaptations to the system on their own.

The following software modules and functions are available among others:

  • Modern database system
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Firebird
  • It currently supports the following tariff models depending on the version:
    • Special tariff
    • Graded tariff
    • Zone tariff
    • Kilometre tariff
    • Corporate tariff
  • Support from Zelisko ticket printers FSD4, FSD5, FSD5plus, FSD6 and FSDmobile
  • Transmission methods
    • LAN
    • W-LAN
    • ...

ZMS is a system for maintaining:

  • Sales data
  • Tariff information
  • Timetable information
  • Drivers
  • Modules
  • Creation of necessary exports
  • Importing data from other systems (timetable systems, ...)

Performance of ZMS includes, among others:

  • Multi-level accounting procedures
  • Driver-specific accounting
  • Daily accounts
  • Monthly accounts
  • Imports - e.g. by IVUplan, epon, Moveo
  • VDV 5.0 (in a number of dialects)
  • Device management
  • Driver administration
  • Chip card administration
  • Module administration
  • Control data wizard
  • Paper roll management/ tracking
  • Assessments that can be configured individually
  • Editor tools, among others, for:
    • chip card layout editor for designing the ticket layout
    • Touch designer for configuring the user interface
    • Distance band editor


The Zelisko ZMS Professional menu structure


Administration in the Zelisko ZMS Professional


The Zelisko ZMS Professional distance and price calculation modules

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