Computer-controlled level crossing protection system

The fully electronic computer-controlled level crossing protection system (RBUET) from Zelisko protects level crossings with the highest signal technology security. Official approvals have been granted for this system in Austria and Poland.

The following services are supported:

  • Control: either by train, interlocking or manually
  • Monitoring signals: main signal or level crossing track side signal (either as protection signal or availability controlled signal)
  • 4 tracks
  • track sensors: induction loops or wheel sensors
  • manual control: track and direction dependent or track independent
  • 24 road signals (4 groups with 6 signals) - (either yellow/red or 2x red alternate flashing)
  • 12 barriers (3 groups with 4 drives)
  • Integrated diagnostics

Signalling Systems

Phone: +43 2236 409 2648
Fax: +43 2236 409 2279