Special Constructions

Calibratable devices available according to classes 0,2 and 0,5. Certification inhouse by authorized test laboratory possible.

Non-standard rated primary voltage

Rated secondary voltages
other than 100/√3V, 110/√3V, 100V, 110V

Rated frequency
other than 50...60Hz

Climate protected construction

Primary connection with cable

Um 17,5kV
for models designed for Um 12kV

Construction complying with DIN 42600,

Part 3 (large design)
Part 7 (small design)
Part 9 (narrow design)

Voltage transformer with 2 measuring windings
The total output may not be higher than the maximum rated output of the better accuracy class for which one of the measuring winding is dimensioned. For instance a voltage transformer having a maximum output of 100VA at cl. 0,5 can be divided in

  • measuring winding 1: 60 VA, cl. 0,5
  • measuring winding 2: 40 VA, cl. 1
  • measuring windings for cl. 0,5 and cl. 0,2

for calibration on request.


Additional cover for sealing
for the secondary terminals of the measuring winding provided for calibration purposes.

Verification of the insulation and accuracy test:
Routine test report