Sensors - General Information

Sensors for an intelligent transformer substation. The term 'smart grid', has for many years characterized the countries where, because many decentralized power generation systems contribute to the destabilization of the network, an expansion / construction of a smart grid is necessary.

Zelisko´s sensors and instrument transformers are designed to be implemented in intelligent transformer substations in the medium voltage secondary distribution grid. Regarding the development, processing and production of sensors and instrument transformers, Zelisko has access to an extensive know-how, continuously grown over the years.

All current and voltage sensors are developed and type tested according to IEC61869-7 and -8 (upcoming IEC61869-10 and -11).

The sensors are marked with a serial number and an individual test report is attached to each product. Furthermore, all the devices are maintenance-free and can be operated under extreme climatic conditions, i.e. elevated temperature and humidity.

The current and voltage sensors are suitable for both original and retrofitting transformer substations.