Voltage Sensors

The voltage sensor is mounted on the cable outlet at the back of the T-connector. Therefore, the insulating plug is replaced by the voltage sensor. The accuracy of the sensor, i.e. the absolute value error and phase error, is constant over the lifetime and have not to be recalibrated or readjusted. The adjustment to the desired nominal and secondary voltage is performed at Zelisko. The voltage sensor is suitable for both, original equipment and retrofitting, without any modification of network stations necessary.

SMVS-UW1001 (with normal cone)

The cone of the voltage sensor is designed in accordance to EN50181, type C. Due to the standardized design it is possible to equip T-connector from different manufactures with this sensor.

SMVS-UW1002 (with shortened cone)

The voltage sensor with shortened cone fits to common cable terminations of asymmetric T-connectors.