Current Sensors


The retrofit application in existing installations is the primary field of application for this type. The click system enables a tool-free mounting of the sensor on site. Dismounting of the T-connector is not necessary, since the sensor is enclosing the cable. The sensor is delivered with two cable straps to fix it directly on the output cable. The cut surface of the iron core and a sophisticated spring system in the sensor housing ensure that the measurement precision of the sensor is guaranteed after assembly on the output cable.


This type is designed for simple installation in switchgears. It is slide on the not mounted output T-connector in the substation. When the connector is screwed on the feed through, its sheathing expands. Thus, the sheathing presses against the inner surface of the current sensor and fix it. Consequently, additional fixations of the sensor in the substation are not necessary. Due to a stable production process, it is possible to provide the sensors in a set of three with a standard deviation in current error and phase displacement of 0,05% and 0,05°, respectively. Consequently, a set of three sensors enables earth fault current detection in addition to the current measurement, without using earth fault detection transformers. Due to their small size, up to three sensors can be mounted in a cable compartment with a width of 300mm and a phase distance of 95mm.


The sensor for earth fault detection of type GAE120/SENS is based on a market tried and tested products. All output cables of the substation are conducted through this transformer. In case of earth fault in a three-phase network, a current occurs due to the displacement of the neutral point. With the specific ration with resulting current is transformed to the output of the sensor. Therefore, the system enables to detect fault and short-circuit currents, respectively. In this sensor inductive transformer principles are combined with sophisticated sensor technology. The high quality cut surfaces of the iron core ensure a constant and high accuracy of the measurement after assembling.


The current sensor in 3-phase design combines maximal flexibility with maximal functionality. It is possible to add the earth fault detection to the three single phase converter in the sensor.

This model can combine up to three single space sensors and one three phase sensor for earth fault detection.This sensor is designed for original equipment in switchgears.

An advantage of this system is a simple and easy assembly of only one device that includes up to four different sensors.

The size of the device is always the same, regardless of the configuration chosen by the customer. With the ring core design higher accuracy can be achieved than with split cores.The design of the sensor can be adapted to customer request regarding the distance between the poles and the external dimensions.