Special Constructions

Current transformer for calibration
in class 0,2(S) and 0,5(S). Authorized test laboratory for official calibration inside the company.

Extended accuracy class
(1%...120%) Cl 0,2S and 0,5S resp. (secondary current 5A)

Extended rated current measuring range
120%, 150%, 200%

Non-standard rated primary current

Rated secondary current 1A
(other on request)

Change-over on the primary side

Change-over on the secondary side
for 2 rated primary currents or for multi ratio

Rated frequency
other than 50...60Hz

Climate protected construction

Adjustment for network and generator earth-fault protection

Um 17,5kV
for IS, CT and SGS-series (according to construction for Um 12kV)

Construction complying with DIN 42600

Part 4 (small design)
Part 5 (large design)
Part 8 (narrow design)

R design
(for R-switchgear from AEG)

Capacitive voltage tapping

Capacitive divider on customer request according EN 61243-5.


Additional cover for sealing of the secondary terminals.
For multi-core type current transformers it is already a part of the delivery in order to seal the terminals of core provided for calibration purposes.

Verification of the insulation and accuracy test.
Routine test report