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Cast-resin bar primary current transformers are efficient modules of complete switch- gears. In particular they are suitable for use in switchgears with small distances between the phases. Double terminals on the primary side, even for transformers with Ith < 60 kA, allow a safe fixing of moving contacts against twisting.

Climatic protected construction. Good handling during transport and mounting.


1) Double terminals for connection of cable or bus bars on the primary side.

2) The primary winding has one or more windings made of copper which are insulated against each other and out in cast-resin.

3) The cast-resin body contains the primary winding as well as the cores with the secondary windings and protects them against climate conditions and external mechanical stresses.

4) The iron core is constructed in form of a ring core made of a soft magnetic, highly permeable core material. The secondary winding is a copper wire which is dimensioned according to the required rated secondary current and the rated short-time thermal current Ith.

5) The earthing screw of secondary must be used for those terminal which has to be earthed according to wiring diagram. Normally terminal S1(k) is already earthed at the factory. Secondary terminals are designed as flat terminals.

6) sec.-terminal box with transparent cover (6 terminals max.)

7) base plate